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What's been taught

Here are the new and revised dances taught in our classes in 2014.

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February 2014 March 2014 April 2014
Bonfire Heart (I) Be Brave (I) - Tim Mountain Girl (Imp)
Borrow My Heart (I) Catfish Dinner (Imp)
Clap Happy! (EI) Driven (I)
Counting Stars (I) Kick Up Your Heels (I)
Dream Lover (EI) Only Human (I) - Tim
Enjoy The Ride (Imp) - Tim Silver Lining (EI)
Goodbye (I) - Tim
Like A Drum! (I) - Tim
No Limits! (EI) - Tim
Popcorn (Imp) - Tim
Tim-ber! (Imp)- Tim
May 2014 Wallaroo 2014 June 2014
A Little Bit Gypsy (EI) Breaking Up! (Imp) Big Country Sky (I)
Do You Love Me (Imp) Brass-A-Billy Boogie (EI) Geronimo (I)
Heart of the Ball (EI) Enjoy The Ride (Imp) I'm a freak (I)
Just Add Moonlight (Imp) Goodbye (I) Is This The Way...(Imp)
Laughter in the Rain (Imp) Heart of the Ball (Imp) Raggle Taggle Gypsy O (-I)
Shame and Scandal (EI) Laughter in the Rain (Imp) Rewind (I)
Mountain Girl (Imp) Sparkle (Imp)
Slow Down (I) Such a fool (Imp)
Tim-ber! (Imp) Us (EI)
You're my Destination (EI)
Bootscoot'n Basics August 2014 August 2014 September 2014
Caught In The Moonlight A Cannonball (-I) 2 Way Kiss (I)
Country Strong (I) Baby Kisses (imp) Alcazar (-I)
Falling Rain Good Time Girls (EI) Caught in the Moonlight (Imp)
I'm a freak (I) Over The Rainbow Swing (Imp) Let's Have a Party (Imp)
Just Add Moonlight (Imp) Love Runs Out (I)
Sometimes Love (I) River Bank (Imp)
Good Time Girls (EI)
You Make Me Smile (I)
Wentworth 2014 October 2014 November 2014
Corn Don't Grow A Long Way Home (Imp) River Town (Imp)
Country Strong (I) Dear Future Husband (EI) This Love is Ours (EI)
Dear Future Husband Party Town (EI) Trouble with Treble
Ever In Your Arms Pretty Boy Ugly Heart (EI) You Can Do Magic! (EI)
Good Time Girls (EI)
If You Were
I'm Already Gone
Pretty Boy Ugly Heart
River Bank (Imp)
Shattered Glass (I)
Trouble with Treble
Who I am With U (I)
You Make Me Smile (I)
Golden Oldies
Alibis Dumas Walker Unmendable
Alley Cat Gypsy Lady Walk The Line
Bayou City Twister Heart Like a Wheel Weekdays
Bird On A Wire Jambalaya Who did You Call Darling
California Stomp Papa Bears Bed Whole Again
Cinco De Mayo Redneck Girl Zydeco Lady
Dizzy Slap Leather
Dance Ranch Romp Strait Dancing
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