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What's been taught

Here are the new and revised dances taught in our classes in 2013.

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February 2013 March 2013 Wentworth April 2013
Body Goes Boom! - Tim Baby, Don't Rush! - Tim Baby, Don't Rush!
Bom Bom Shuffle (EI) - Tim Fill in the Blank (-I) Chooka Choo Choo
Chooka Choo Choo - Tim I Won't Let You Go (EI) Just Give
Choo Choo Cha Boogie () Little Reflection - Tim Miss Me Baby...
Imelda's Way Shake Ya Body! - Tim Shake Ya Body!
Let's Go Crazy! (EI) - Tim Skiffle Time Swing A Ling
Loch Lomond (EI) The Man I Want 2B
Shattered Dreams What You've Done 2 Me
What You've Done 2 Me - Tim You Got That Thang
April 2013 May 2013 June 2013
And Then She Kissed Me (Imp) Catch My Breath (-I) - Tim A Beautiful Day (-I)
As Long As There's Loving Tonight (-I) I Don't Care (I) Boogie Shoes (Imp) - Tim
Cry (I) I Got My Baby Back (Imp) Good Girls Gone Bad (EI)
Swing A Ling (Imp) Island Rumba (Imp) Lookabell (B)
The Man I Want 2B (I) - Tim You Complete Me (Imp) You Got Away (-I)
You've Got That Thang (-I)
July 2013 August 2013 September 2013
All That Glitters (EI) - Tim 360 (I) - Tim
Be My Baby Now (EI) Boogie Rhythm (EI) - Tim
Bright Side of My Heart (-I) Jump Right In! (EI) - Tim
Come With Me (Imp) - Tim Long Time Gone (EI)
Flat Nail Joe (B) Now or Never (I)
Let Her Go (EI) Sweet Surrender (EI)
Liquid Lunch (I)
Lonely Long (Imp)
Walks Like Rihanna (EI) - Tim
Wasting Tears (I) - Tim
Wentworth 2013 October 2013 November 2013
Blue Finger Jive (Imp)
360 (I) - Tim Counting Stars (I)
Boogie Rhythm (EI) - Tim Coupe de Ville (EI)
Holding On (I) - Tim Sparks Fly (Imp) - Tim Jump on a Ride (EI)
Let Me Kiss U (A) - Tim Hope U Find It (EI) - Tim Love You a Million times (Imp)
Sparks Fly (Imp) - Tim Wagon Wheel Rock - (EI) Stay Just One Night (-I)
Tenterfield Saddler (I) - Tim When I Need You - (EI) The Fox
Voodoo Jive (I)
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