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What's been taught 2012

Here are the new and revised dances taught in our classes in 2012.

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February 2012 March 2012 April 2012
B-Happy! (-I) - Tim Dance with me Tonight (I)
Being Human (I) - Tim It's All Good (Imp) - Tim
Dance in the Rain (-I) I'm Gonna... (-I) Mister Misery (-I) - Tim
Footloose (I) - Chris La Luna (I) She Bangs (Imp)
Have You Ever Seen The Rain (-I) Something in the Water (B) The Blarney Roses (-I)
London Rhythm Swing (Imp) The One That Got Away (I) Til' Forever (-I)
Love You Forever (B) The Crying Game (Imp)
My Big Mouth (Imp) - Tim This Old Boy (-I) Wentworth Workshops
Domino (I) Being Human (I)
I Missed You (-I) I Saw Linda Yesterday
Make This Day (-I) It's All Good (Imp)
Move Like Jagger (B) Let's Dance Again
The Happy Dance (Imp) Love You In A Barrel
Ray Of Light
The Blarney Roses
Walking Away
May 2012 June 2012 July 2012
Blue Bayou (Imp) Connected (I) - Tim Dark Side (Imp) - Tim
Dreamers (I) Don't make Me Wake Up Little Suzie
Drive By (I)
Half Past Nothin'
I Saw Linda Yesterday
Heart Throb (I)
Let's Dance Again
Hey Day! (B) - Tim
Love You In A Barrel
Go Seven
Ray of Light (I)
She Won't Let Go (EI) - Tim
Walking Away (-I)
Take It To The Limit
August 2012 Wentworth 2012 October 2012
One Thing (EI) - Tim
Begin Again... (Int)
50 Ways (I)
Point of no Return Dark Side (Imp) A Love Worth Waiting For
Rock Paper Scissors
Hey Day! (B)
Aiko Shako (-I)
There Will Be Love
Lovin You Is Fun! (EI)
Wake Me Up
One Thing (EI)
Last Time Waltz
We Got Gold (Imp) - Tim
Still Love Me Tomorrow
Lonely Lady
Rockaway (-I)
Sitting on top of the World
Small Y'all (B)
Wake Me Up (I)
November 2012 December 2012
Blown Away Pick-A-Bale (B)
Higher (B) - Tim
Nuovo Mambo (Imp) - Tim
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