Silver City Line Dancers Inc


Dances choreographed by Tim Gauci, Instructor and President of Silver City Line Dancers Inc.

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Please click on the dance you require. If you cannot open the dance sheet in this format, please email us to have it sent in another format.

To view dances on YouTube you can either click on the links next to the dances below or click here to view all of Tim's dances currently on YouTube.


10 Rounds (Imp) April 2009
10SE Waltz (Imp) August 2009
1234 (EI) YouTube
360 (I) August 2013 YouTube
4Ever Road (EI) March 2015
6 Feet Apart (I) May 2020 YouTube
A Good Woman's Love (B) May 2009
A Little Bit of You (EI) April 2016 YouTube
A Little Faith! (Imp) November 2016 YouTube
A Little Loco (EI)
A Real Good Time (EI) May 2015 YouTube
Abba-esque (Imp) August 2011
All About You (I) August 2015
All I Ask You (Imp) July 2016
All That Glitters (EI) August 2013
All Things (I)
American Sweetheart (I) October 2016 YouTube
Amor Latino (I) August 2011 YouTube
Aye Chihuahua (EI)
B-Happy! (-I) January 2012 YouTube
Baby Confess (EI) December 2009
Baby, Don't Rush! (EI) March 2013YouTube
Baby I’m Right (EI) August 2015
Back at One (EI)
Back To Life (I) October 2018 YouTube
Back 2 December (I) November 2010 YouTube
BB Waltz (EI) February 2017
Be Brave (I) March 2014 YouTube
Beer Goggles (I)
Begin Again... (Int) October 2012 YouTube
Being Human... (I) February 2012 YouTube
Best Friend (I)
Best Things In Life (I)
Best Years (EI)
BILL$ (I) May 2015 YouTube
Black Saturday (I) September 2009 YouTube
Body Goes Boom! (Imp) February 2013
Bom Bom Shuffle (EI) December 2012 YouTube
Boogie Rhythm (EI) September 2013
Boogie Shoes (Imp) June 2013 YouTube
Born To Shine (EI) April 2020
Bounce (I) November 2019
Brass-A-Billy Boogie (EI) April 2014 YouTube
Break My Heart (I) July 2016
Bring on the Good Times! (EI) April 2016 YouTube
Build Me a Daddy (I) June 2020 YouTube
Cajun Beat (EI)
California Beautiful (I) July 2015
Can I get a Hallelujah (I) April 2016 YouTube
Can I Have This Dance (I) October 2019 YouTube
Castaway Heart (B) YouTube
Castles (Imp) April 2020
Catch My Breath (EI) May 2013 YouTube
Cha Cha D'amour (EI)
Chooka Choo Choo (Imp) February 2013
Clap Ya Hands (Imp) February 2017
Come With Me (Imp) August 2013
Cool 2B A Fool (B) June 2009
Country Strong (I) July 2014 YouTube
Connected (A) June 2012 YouTube
Cowboy Up (I) YouTube
CU Again! (I) February 2009 YouTube
Dance of Love (Bossanova) (EI)
Dark Side (EI) July 2012 YouTube
Day by Day (EI)
Diamonds (I) April 2020 YouTube
Did it Again (I) February 2010
Dive Into You (Adv) February 2017
Don’t Believe… (EI) September 2015
Don't It (I) May 2015 YouTube
Doo Dah (EI)
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Electric Charleston (EI) July 2015YouTube
Enchanted (EI)
Enjoy The Ride (Imp) January 2014 YouTube
Fairytale... (I) February 2010 YouTube
Fall to Pieces (B)
Favourite Thingz (A)
Final Countdown (B)
Fire & Gasoline (I) August 2011 YouTube
Flaws (EI) September 2015
Forgiveness (I) July 2015
Friends (Imp) April 2016 YouTube
Fussin' and Fightin' (EI)
Genie in a Bottle (EI) YouTube
Gentleman's Waltz (EI)
Get Physical (Imp) April 2020
Get Stoopid! (EI) April 2016 YouTube
Get Ya Drink On (EI)
Gimmie That Title! (EI) April 2015 YouTube
Gleefully Love (EI) August 2015
God Must Be Busy (A) YouTube
Good Old Boys (I)
Good Time Girls (EI) August 2014 YouTube
Goodbye (I) January 2014 YouTube
Happy Holiday's (EI)
Head Over Heels (B) June 2009
Heartbeat (I) April 2016 YouTube
Heart Breaker (EI)
Heaven on Earth (I)
Hey Day! (B) June 2012
High On Lovin You (I) August 2016
High Tide (EI)
High Voltage (B) April 2009
Higher (B) December 2012
Holding On (I) September 2013
Home Sweet Home (EI)
Home 2 Louisiana (EI) Jan 2009 YouTube
Honkytonk Anatomy (UB)
Hope U Find It (EI) October 2013
Hot Strong and Sweet (I)
House of Cards (I) November 2014 YouTube
How Long Will I? (I) May 2014
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I Can’t Help Myself (EI) July 2015
I Gotta Brand New Girlfriend (EI)
I Wanna Dance! (I) April 2016 YouTube
I Wanna Love You (I) August 2016
Idle Hands (EI) August 2018
If I Had U (I) February 2011 YouTube
I'll Be Ready (EI)
I'll Take Texas (B)
Ima Freak! (I) June 2014 YouTube
I'm On My Way (I) February 2017
It Had 2BU (EI) March 2016 YouTube
It Matters to Me (I) September 2018 YouTube
It Never Rains (Imp) April 2020
It's All Good (Imp) April 2012
It's Friday! (I) June 2011 YouTube
Itchy and Scratchy (EI)
Jamaican Vacation (Imp) April 2009
Jump Right In! (EI) September 2013
Just a Dream.. (UI) YouTube
Kick Back (I) YouTube
King Creole (EI)
Kiss Kiss (I)
Kiss Somebody YouTube
Kiss You All Over (A)
Kissin' Bullfrogs (I) November 2009
Let Me Kiss U (A) September 2013
Let Your Love Flow (EI)
Let's Go Crazy (EI) January 2013 YouTube
Like A Drum! (I) January 2014 YouTube
Limbo Lady (I)
Lonely and Love (EI)
Lonely 2night (I) January 2016
Lookin' Back (EI)
Lookin’ for Trouble (EI) February 2015
Love's Question (Imp)
Lovin' Each Day (I)
Lovin' You (EI)
Lovin You Is Fun! (EI) October 2012 YouTube
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Mad About Mambo (B) July 2009 YouTube
Make Margaritas! (I) March 2015 YouTube
Man in the Moon (B)
Merry Go Round (EI)
Mesmerised (I) September 2016
Mexican Moon (EI)
Miss Me Baby... (I) December 2012 YouTube
Mista Saxobeat (EI) September 2011
Mister Misery (EI) March 2012 YouTube
Mountain of Love (EI)
Move Like Jagger (Imp) January 2012
My Haley Jo (Imp) March 2019
My Last Tear (B)
My Love 4U (EI) YouTube
My Miracle (I) April 2019
Never Love Another.. (EI) October 2010 YouTube
New Tattoo (EI) September 2018
No Getting Over Me (EI)
No Limits! (EI) February 2014 YouTube
No More Tears (UB)
Now & Then... (I) July 2010 YouTube
Nuovo Mambo (Imp) November 2012 YouTube
Oh Mama Mia (Imp) July 2015
On Again 2Night (I)
One More Try (EI) March 2016 YouTube
One Thing... (EI) August 2012 YouTube
Online (I) YouTube
Only Human (I) March 2014 YouTube
Over and Over (B)
Overtime (EI)
Paradise (I) February 2011 YouTube
Peas in a Pod (EI) April 2009 YouTube
Popcorn (Imp) January 2014 YouTube
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Raindance (EI)
Riot (I) April 2015 YouTube
River Bank (Imp) September 2014 YouTube
Rock and Roll Feeling (EI) July 2015
Rumour (I) January 2018
Salt and Lime (I) September 2013
Saving Grace (A)
Seat 7A (EI) March 2015
Shake Ya Body! (I) March 2013
Shake Your Bon Bon (EI)
Shattered Glass (I) September 2014 YouTube
She Won't Let Go (EI) August 2012 YouTube
She's Still Got It (EI)
Shout Out 2 My Ex (I) January 2017
Shut Up & Fish! (EI) April 2016 YouTube
Signs (B)
Slow Down (I) April 2014 YouTube
Slow Me Down (I) July 2015
Smile! (I) April 2016 YouTube
Snap UR Fingers (EI) May 2009 YouTube
Soft and Slow (EI)
Someone 2 Love (I) YouTube
Something ‘Bout You (I) April 2016 YouTube
Something in the Water (EI)
Sometimes Love... (I) July 2014 YouTube
Sparks Fly (Imp) September 2013 YouTube
Spread a Little Love (EI)
Still The One.. (Imp) May 2009
Stronger (EI) YouTube
Summer Back (I) July 2015
Sunshine in my Pocket (EI) July 2016
Sweet Smile (B)
Sweeter Than Candy (B+) April 2010
Tacoma (EI) April 2015 YouTube
Take Me Dancin' (EI) March 2019
Tear Jerker (EI)
Teenage Love (EI) April 2016 YouTube
Tell Her About It (Imp) December 2019 YouTube
Tenterfield Saddler (I) September 2013
That's My Girl (I)
That Thing You Do (EI)
That's Amore (EI)
That's Why We Drink (Imp) June 2020
The 'Cheeky' Dance (I)
The Fighter! (EI) August 2016
The Last Waltz (B+) September 2010 YouTube
The Long Goodbye (I)
The Man I Want 2B (I) April 2013 YouTube
The One That Got Away (I) July 2012 YouTube
The Real Thing (B)
The Sweet Spot (EI) July 2015
The Way (I)
There Will Be Love... (I) August 2012 YouTube
This Love Is Ours (I) May 2015 YouTube
Tim-ber (Imp) February 2014 YouTube
Time Fly's (I)
Too Fast (I) November 2016 YouTube
Turn It Up! (EI) July 2014 YouTube
Twist of Fate (EI)
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U On My Mind (EI) YouTube
Unstuck on You (B)
Urban Love (I) June 2010
Walk The Walk... (EI) January 2011
Walkin a Mile (B)
Walkin In The Rain (EI) November 2009
Walkashame (EI) April 2015 YouTube
Wasted (I) September 2015
Wasted Time (EI) February 2017 YouTube
Wasting Tears (I) August 2013 YouTube
Watering Hole (Imp) August 2009 YouTube
We Got Gold (Imp) June 2012
We'll Stay Young (EI) October 2017 YouTube
What Kinda Gone (I) YouTube
What You've Done 2 Me (Imp) January 2013 YouTube
When She Loves Me (Imp) March 2009 YouTube
Who I am With U (I) September 2014 YouTube
Why Don't U Stay? (I) March 2011 YouTube
Woops, I Slipped (EI)
Worship Waltz (EI) January 2017
Yippy I A (EI)
You Can Do Magic! (EI) November 2014 YouTube
You Can’t Bring Me Down (I) June 2018
You Make Me Smile! (I) August 2014
You’re My Flashlight (EI) July 2015

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